Using this information, we can partner with you to create measurable recommendations to help you better serve your community and customers through more proactive and effective operations. Based out of the Chicago area, we have worked with organizations across the country to meet the unique needs of recreation, park, and open space providers.


Bobbi is the President of Recreation Results. Recognized as a national leader in performance measurement and innovation, she partners with parks & recreation agencies across the country to develop and implement service-driven plans and systems.  Appearing regularly at state and national conferences and schools, Bobbi has 15 years of experience working in the field of parks and recreation in the areas of recreation, facility management, project management, data & analytics, and innovation and has led efforts resulting in national CAPRA accreditation and the Havlick Award for Innovation in Local Government.  


Beyond her speaking appearances, Bobbi is actively involved in the park & recreation industry by serving on the Board of Regents of Revenue Development & Management School and as a founding member and President of the Women in Leisure Services (WILS) Chicagoland chapter.  She is also a former CAPRA accreditation visitor.

Bobbi has been featured in industry magazines, podcasts, and blogs including: