We provide the tools and momentum to
take your organization to the next level.



Engaging your teams & community members in fun and creative activities that draw out important insights and result in stronger solutions.


Creating and helping you implement systems that allow your team to measure what matters and create value from your data.


Sharing trends and tools to increase collaboration, generate ideas, and turn those ideas into action on a continuous basis.


Providing workshops & training that strengthens your team's ability to ask better questions and implement ideas long after we're gone.



No matter the project or setting, we're known for 5 things:

  • Challenging your thinking and expanding your point-of-view
  • Breaking down complicated (and sometimes intimidating) concepts into relatable, easy-to-understand bites
  • Equipping you with practical tools and advice that are designed for the real world
  • Breaking down resistance and building momentum
  • Doing it all in a fun, creative, energetic, and inspirational environment
Our name says it all.  Rooted in recreation. Driven for results.

Just because you don't have
a data & strategy expert on your staff, 
doesn't mean you can't have one on your team.



With over 10 years of experience working as a facilitator, trainer, and consultant, Bobbi Nance is the founder and President of Recreation Results LLC. Recognized as an industry leader in performance measurement and innovation, she partners with parks, open space, recreation, sports, and fitness organizations across the country to use data, trends, and strategy to drive real change within teams whose mission it is to change the world.

Before starting Recreation Results, Bobbi spent 15 years working in the field of parks and recreation in the areas of recreation programming, facility management, project management, data & analytics, and innovation.  It was there that she had the opportunity to build data-driven systems and innovation initiatives from the ground up, which were featured in national publications, resulted in the Havlick Award for Innovation in Local Government, and contributed to her organization's National Gold Medal Award.  These initiatives were all noted for their success in combining technical tools with people-centered processes, which led to increases in adoption, engagement, and results.  

After witnessing first-hand the potential for these efforts to not only increase organizational performance, but also improve organizational culture, she decided to put her unique strengths to work on a broader scale.  Since then, she's traveled across North America to provide training, project leadership, and process improvement designed to help teams work smarter, capitalize on trends, implement strategy & innovation efforts, and increase their impact in the communities where they work. 

Bobbi has a Bachelor's Degree in Leisure Studies from the University of Illinois and a Certificate in Project Management from Northwestern University.  Beyond that, she also is trained in GIS, SQL, HTML/CSS, and other techy-skills that give her the opportunity to get her geek on to help people-driven industries. (Don't let all those acronyms scare you though; Bobbi has a real knack for explaining the important stuff without all of the technical jargon.)



Beyond her speaking appearances at national, regional, and state events, Bobbi is actively involved in the park & recreation industry including:

  • Regent / Instructor for NC State University / NRPA's Revenue Development & Management School

  • Board Member / Instructor for NRPA's Director School

  • President of the Women in Leisure Services (WILS) Chicagoland chapter

  • Secretary of the WILS national organization

  • Certified Park & Recreation Professional (CPRP)

  • Past CAPRA Accreditation Visitor


Bobbi has been featured in industry magazines, podcasts, and blogs including:



Bobbi doesn't just believe in making an impact with her business - it's a part of who she is.  In her free time, she volunteers with inner-city teens to expose them to life skills through experiences in outdoor recreation including camping, hiking, canoeing and wilderness trips to the Boundary Waters.  She helped found a 5K in her brother's memory which has raised over $100,000 for youth programs and organ & tissue donation awareness.  Utilizing her presentation skills, she has been a volunteer speaker at high schools and events, sharing her perspective as an organ donor family member and recently had the incredible opportunity to give back on a new level as a bone marrow donor.