CAPRA Accreditation Assistance

Here at Recreation Results, we're all about building smarter, higher-performing organizations.  And in the park & recreation space, there's no more well-known mark of that achievement than CAPRA accreditation. The Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) has selected 151 standards that they believe sets the benchmark for a high-performing park & recreation organization.  Currently there are over 160 park & recreation organizations in the country who have achieved this feat, with that number growing every year. 

We've noticed that some of our current workshops and consulting offerings line up rather nicely with the current CAPRA accreditation standards.  While you're in the process of examining your operations and making improvements, why not maximize your impact by working with Recreation Results on the following:

1.4 - Mission and 1.5 - Vision

2.5 - Strategic Plan

10.1 - Systematic Evaluation Process

10.1.2 - Staff Training on how to Evaluate Programs, Services, and Facilities

10.2 - Outcomes Assessment

10.3 - Performance Measurement

10.5 - Program and Service Statistics

10.5.1 - Recreation and Leisure Trends Analysis

10.6.1 - Quality Assurance

Why Should You Work With Recreation Results?

Bobbi Nance, President of Recreation Results, is a former park & recreation professional that led my her own organization through its first CAPRA accreditation (still celebrating that 100% score years later!). Bobbi knows that the process can be a little overwhelming to say the least.  But from that experience and from serving as a 3-time CAPRA visitor, she will keep the focus on improving and bringing value to your organization first while simultaneously helping you do the work that will help you meet your CAPRA standards.