Recreation Results is Growing

For over 15 years, I’ve been fortunate to work in an industry that has a direct impact on creating desirable, vibrant, sustainable, and connected communities. I've tried to spend my whole career emphasizing the value of parks & recreation and helping make local government smarter, more data-driven, and more innovative. 

Through my own work, I’ve seen the power that data & innovation efforts can have to change both the performance & culture of local government.  I've loved having the opportunity to share what I've learned with others in conferences and workshops throughout the country, and throughout the world with this blog.  As a former engineering student who found her way into parks & recreation, there is nothing more exciting than demonstrating how data & systems can help positively impact people.  And even better, it seems as though most park & recreation agencies are starting to be open to it as well, even if they aren't sure how to get started.

With that in mind, I’ve come to the realization that the best way that I can serve our industry is to take a slightly different path.  In order to use my strengths in the way that will have the biggest impact,  I’ve recently left my full-time position at my park & recreation agency to start my own company, where I hope to help other park & recreation agencies by focusing my energy on three key areas:

  • Providing direction and support to park & recreation agencies that want to become more data-driven & innovative, but aren’t sure how to get started
  • Helping park & recreation agencies develop internal programs & systems that educate and empower staff to make better, more strategic decisions
  • Expanding educational & training opportunities for park & recreation professionals that want to learn how to better use their own data and increase their strategic efforts at their own organizations

I've decided to name it Recreation Results, after the blog that started it all, and the concept that I hope remains the core of the work I focus on.

I want to thank my former agency, where I started as program supervisor for teens & outdoor adventure programming over 11 years ago and worked my way up and over to Senior Manager of Strategy & Innovation. I’m grateful for the opportunities given and proud of the impact that I made. I’ll miss the talented colleagues and partners that made it so that I looked forward to coming to work each day, but hope that we’ll have the opportunity to work together again in the future in new ways.

As I make this transition, please feel free to follow me at or reach out at  And stay tuned for more exciting things to come!